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Ceramic Chopped Fiber Bulk

Ceramic Chopped Fiber Bulk

Alumina Silicate Refractory Wool Alumina Silicate Refractory Wool is made from standard blown ceramic fiber bulk via cutting, slag removing and secondary processing. It is one of ideal raw material for manufacturing friction products due to its superior characteristics. Typical Application ◆...

Products Specifications:

Ceramic Chopped Fiber Bulk

Ceramic Chopped Fiber Bulk is produced by the high purity raw material with the characteristics of stable performance, long fiber, even diameter, good tensile strength, less shot, excellent thermal stability and white color, etc. The chopped fiber removed the shots in the process of cutting, which improved the product performance further.


Typical Application

◆  Flexible insulation fillings for voids;

◆  Building expansion joints;

◆  Raw materials for textile and blanket making;

◆  Vacuum forming feedstock;

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