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Insulation Blanket Equipment

Insulation Blanket Equipment

Ceramic Fiber Blanket Production Line includes raw material mixing, Electric Resistance Furnace (ERF) system, spanning machine, fiber-collection, forming and drying type system, cutting and parking system.

Products Specifications:

Insulation Blanket Equipment

Ceramic fiber blanket production Line includes raw material mixing, electric resistance furnace system, spanning machine, fiber-collection, forming and drying type system, cutting and parking system

SUPER's mixing machine has automation and semi-automation for customer’s option, it will distribute the raw materials evenly, and reduce the labor to save production cost.

SUPER's electric resistance furnace system is equipped with single molybdenum outlet, single-phase magnetic regulator to supply power and molybdenum electrode is cooled by circulation water.

Spanning device convert high temperature molten solution into fiber through centrifugal force. Normally four types of products can be manufactured, standard ceramic fiber, high alumina ceramic fiber, high purity ceramic fiber and zirconium-containing ceramic fiber.

Fiber-collection device is mainly to collect the fiber together. Forming and drying device to shape blanket followed by two-side needing process to make surface of ceramic fiber blanket smooth.

Drying and leveling device it to remove moisture and make ceramic fiber blanket flat.

Cutting and parking system is to cut blanket into the length per customers' demand.

SUPER's regular blanket size: 7200x610x25mm, 3600x610x50mm; 


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